Gym and league rules

Please respect gym rules or your team will be removed from the league without refunds.

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Please respect all gym and league rules

1. No fighting in the gym, facilities, or parking lot or your team will be removed from the league without refund. Players may not touch another player, a league official, or league staff. Failure for team's General Manager to control their player will result in the removal of the team, team's GM and player involved in altercation.

2. Do not loiter on the facilities, parking lot, or surrounding areas of where Superstar Basketball hosts their games. Absolutely no smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks or vaping is allowed on Superstar Basketball facilities.

3. Do not kick chairs, damage school property or Superstar Basketball equipment. Your team will be fined $100 for any damages done on Superstar Basketball facilities.

4. Please clean after your bench after your game. Leaving trash on your bench can result in a fine should Superstar Basketball staff take pictures and provide you with evidence that trash was left on your bench by your players. A fine of $20 (clean up fee) will be assessed before your next game.

5. Your team has until Wednesday on the week of your game to add players to their team. Sneaking in "ringers" - players not on the roster and attempting to play as someone else, will result in a $100 fine and automatic loss on the standings.

6. Teams constantly breaking rules will not be allowed to play back in Superstar Basketball and your GM will not be allowed to register another team.