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mandatory jersey policy

Every team, every player, is required to have basketball jerseys from Superstar Basketball. Each set will have the Superstar logo on the top right, and each set will come with jerseys from top and bottom.

The jerseys are made in Philippines and will be produced ahead of Season 49, which will tip off on November 6 in West Covina.


September 1 - Once you complete and pay for your team registration fees, you can go ahead and request for a jersey design. You can have 3 revisions until it is final. Colors are first-come, first serve, based on payment. If a team selects a particular color, you will not be able to use it as a primary color. We recommend paying for your jerseys ahead so that you can reserve your primary color scheme. Please click on the e-mail request to your left to request for a jersey design.

October 1 -
Finalize your jersey order.
October 10 - Deadline for jersey order. No exceptions. We recommend adding 3 extra jerseys in case you add players throughout the season. Your player will not be allowed to play in the league without your team jerseys from top and bottom. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We promote our league through pictures, videos, several social media platforms and the last thing we want to see are reversed jerseys or other mis-matched jerseys. It makes our league look tacky and will not allow games to play with players not dressed to compete with our uniform standards.

Order extra jerseys so that your player can participate and compete for your team.

October 23 - Deadline for shipping. Jerseys will take 2 weeks to produce and 1 week to ship. They should arrive before tip-off which is on November 6.

November 6 - Season 49 tip-off. If your player does not have Superstar Basketball jerseys from top to bottom and they are not approved to compete on the roster, they cannot participate. We can recommend plenty of other basketball rec leagues where your team and player can compete. Thank You.


Each jersey is priced at cost at $40 per set. We will only order All Star jerseys after which will be at the end of January 2023. Please order 2-3 extra jerseys and we recommend for General Managers to not list last names on jerseys and to hold on to jerseys in case players mis-placed jerseys. It is your team, not the players' team, hold on to the jerseys so that you have your set and can replace players.

Other Questions?
Check out our FAQ, or if you still have questions and please don't hesitate to contact us.